Thursday, May 27, 2010

one instant

Sometimes my heart catches a beat,
and tries to hold onto it,
because that beat holds a memory.

it's gone now.
but i saw it.
i saw the gold.
i saw home.
just once.
just for an instant.

like a picture of something precious.

something in the light.

yes. it's the light.
so rare.
but so full.
for one instant I feel like I've seen a long lost,
long loved,
dearly remembered friend.
for an instant.

and they smiled at me.
we shared a secret memory.
then they were gone.

and once more
i am searching.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Um...I really *really* want to write something, but there has been little or nothing inspirational these days. I've been busy making dresses for the past two weeks, and some dancing. Yes. Swing dancing.
The other day *something* almost made its way onto the page, but it was confused, and it wasn't the time for it.

Crazy things are happening around here, and I'm not going to NSA this Fall. :(
I'll illucidate further when I have the time. Right now I must be off. Dresses to finish, feast dishes to concoct, errands to run, brothers to transport, houses to clean, coffee...etc...the life of an only daughter. :)

Love to you all!