Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dear Friend

I think you are a wonderful person. You seem so brave. I don't know much about you, though I love your very visible love for your children.
You have no idea how much I want to be your friend, but you are like a book with a dust cover that has that brief description of the contents. It's just the littlest blip of your life, and I long to open the book. Only it has a lock, and takes a very special key, and a particular technique to turn the key. It's like a puzzle lock.
You are so sweet! You seem so young to have such a big hurt on your heart! I have no idea what that hurt might be, but I want to take it off!
I hope you somehow see how much I would love to be your friend. When you asked me for help, I thought, maybe this is a first step to being a friend! Steps are small and slow, however, so I need to remember that all in God's time.
But! I am praying for you. And I do not begrudge this time spent in learning this or that about you.
Love in Christ!
Your Friend,
Me =)