Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A bit of my happiness... :)

I have been visiting some of the dearest people I know! It's positively thrilling to be back home!

The first couple weeks I stayed at the beach with one awesome friend. It wasn't the part of Oregon I'm most familiar with, but I really enjoyed being able to walk to the beach every day and watch the waves.
I stood on the shore while winds and rains lashed the coastline and soaked right through my jeans...thankfully my coat was thick enough not to let the water through.
I've seen the sea on a black night with no stars, but heavy, ominous clouds. (terrifying)
I've laughed with the waves on a bright sunny warm day, with clouds scattered about in a very pleasing manner. And I watched both the clouds and the water flame up as the sun set...it was so breathtaking! I can't even describe how overwhelmingly beautiful it was.
I've seen the sea glistening with brilliant moonlight...mysterious and vast and thrilling. (just wow)

And the sounds the ocean makes...there is no silence, but it's very peaceful to sit on a log on the sand and watch the waves. It's true, as the stories say, it's always changing, but always the same.

Now I've come inland and I'm staying with my very best friend and her family in the Willamette Valley. This is land I'm more familiar with (though still about an hour and a half north of where I used to live)...I used to call this place my second home. I feel safe here, embraced by the mountains on all sides. Green, forest-covered hills rolling around me, and the raiiinnnn! I love rain!

It's good to be back.

Monday, January 10, 2011


is READING again!
is actually ON her computer!
and is, ohmygosh! BLOGGING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

On another note...
8 DAYS!!!

Aisha's Personal Chronicler

P.S. Has anyone read Redeeming Love?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

going home

after four years away it's finally happening. i'm going home. in just over a week i shall  be walking on Oregon soil...or rather...ice