Monday, January 6, 2014

Hold On: An Excerpt of My Overwhelmed Thoughts

Blinded and torn I turn and turn,
Seeking a respite from the bitter winds that buffet me about.
But no relief.
No calm.
Only the storm.

Only the storm stripping me bare.

In the storm I stand
Until I can stand no more.
I fall to my knees.
I fall to my face.

Nothing to hold onto.
No light to push toward.
Only darkness screaming all around me.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Hello 2014

Well a very challenging year is behind us, and let me guess, another very challenging year ahead?
Most likely.
Can't say I'm really enjoying all these trials and tests of my faith, (which *doesn't* seem to be getting stronger through everything.)
That's not to imply that nothing enjoyable has been/is happening. Indeed, there is plenty to cheer me.
Christopher Charles for one. =)
My dear husband of course, for two. ♥
That is to imply that I am weak and don't have a clue what one earth I am doing or how to do it. So this year I have made two resolutions, the most important being to read once through the Bible.
Do you realize I have never actually done that?
Me neither.
I have penciled in a few sub-resolutions which I should very much like to accomplish along with reading through the Bible, such as: write in my journal every day, write a blog post at least every week, read x number of books this year; but those are all, as I mentioned, sub. If none of them get accomplished but the completion of the first does, I shall be satisfied.
My second resolution is to show love to my husband in a way that will be most meaningful to him. Which of course means that I must study him and get to know him better, which, in the long run, will mean a stronger marriage for the both of us. Win!
We have been married just over a year now, and while it wasn't a perfect year, it also wasn't a bad year at all. However I know that a lot of our ease of passage has come from being newlyweds, and I know we cannot float on that forever. Also with the advent of a child it is even harder to give my husband the attention he needs.
So! Solid things to begin my new year on eh? Let us hope so.
My daily prayer is for perseverance.

Happy New Year Everybody!