Wednesday, July 28, 2010

May It Be

Seriouslyverybeautiful song! I know, it was originally done by Enya, but I like Hayley's version better.

I was going to post something about how I went to a church picnic, and after ice cream it started raining. Then it rained some more, and shortly turned into a wild and wonderful storm, and most of the young girls and I went and got soaked COMPLETELY and laughed and had a very merryjollywonderfulamazingblissful time in it. But I couldn't put it properly into words, so I posted this video instead.

Oh btw! I have work! I work for a Bed & Breakfast. :) *happiness*



Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's really hot lately. Every time I go outside I feel kind of like I'm melting.
Iced coffee really helps me feel more capable of bearing the heat. Or maybe it's just the cool fluid in my stomach that makes me feel less hot. Yes, that's the more logical conclusion. (but who ever said i was logical? hmm...i like to think it's the coffee. ;) )

I reread over a poem i wrote a few months ago, and it was super sad, and i watched a super sad movie, which made me cry, and then i missed everything that could be...that was...that should be...
so i called Beka, told her everything, and she made me laugh...
so this is to Beka, my soul sister.
Thanks for making me laugh.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

every time i think of was a fairytale

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

rain in summer...

a cup of coffee, a fried egg, a piece of toast,
and Prince Caspian.

a day to exist, or a day to *live*

I lived.

the rain came pouring down.
this is not like summer. rain isn't supposed to be here in summer.
but it is. and i love it.
so i went to the park. (who does that? seriously, am i just crazy? please say i am!)
the river was flooded, and mudded (hah! i made a rhyme!),
but the fields were green and inviting, and the sky poured itself out,
so i walked until my clothes were soaked.
then i walked some more,
until my skin was too.
and i kept walking,
until my hair was a waterfall.
and i might as well have dived into the river..
but i didn't.
i just walked.
and i danced.
and it rained.

and the next book i opened said this:

" 'How long, Lord, must I wait?'
'Never mind, child. Trust Me.' "

Friday, July 2, 2010

One good thing...

I have a very amazing younger brother, and as the months and years go by i regret that we were such pills to each other when we were younger.
he's generous, loving, caring, sympathetic, FUN! (i didn't used to think so, but now I know)
God is working amazingly in his life, and I rejoice to see it.
Alan seems unperturbed by trouble.

"The world is Trouble..." someone said, to which Alan, if he knew who said it and what else he'd said, would immediately follow with the rest of the sentence, "...and Grace. That's all there is."
That's sort of Alan's attitude, though he really doesn't know it.

xo to alan xo


...other than that he's kind of weird... ;)