Thursday, September 17, 2009

Twilight Meanderings

Strange ideas chasing through my mind
in the cool of evening.
Talk to me, my friend.

Mysterious voices whispering my name
in the dimness of dusk.
Tell me your sorrows, comrade.
The moonlight calls me,
shining between the housetops, waxing bright.
Take my hand and walk with me.

Abstract memories of life,
yet unlived.
Surreal, yet so real.

Fairies dancing on the green,
to the tune the stars
are singing.

Hemlock and Nightshade,
glistening in the silver light.
Magnetic pull.

Eyes closed, yet seeing clearly,
at the edge of the forest.

Darkness around me,
gentle song.
Moonlight on my bed of clouds.

Bright gentleness, softly sparkling.
Your eyes my stars,
your smile my guide.

Sinking into your arms,
the moon my last light.

© Aisha 2009

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