Wednesday, July 14, 2010

rain in summer...

a cup of coffee, a fried egg, a piece of toast,
and Prince Caspian.

a day to exist, or a day to *live*

I lived.

the rain came pouring down.
this is not like summer. rain isn't supposed to be here in summer.
but it is. and i love it.
so i went to the park. (who does that? seriously, am i just crazy? please say i am!)
the river was flooded, and mudded (hah! i made a rhyme!),
but the fields were green and inviting, and the sky poured itself out,
so i walked until my clothes were soaked.
then i walked some more,
until my skin was too.
and i kept walking,
until my hair was a waterfall.
and i might as well have dived into the river..
but i didn't.
i just walked.
and i danced.
and it rained.

and the next book i opened said this:

" 'How long, Lord, must I wait?'
'Never mind, child. Trust Me.' "


Miss Pickwickian said...

Very poetical. :-)

I love to hear bits of your day like this!

Erin said...

He provides, doesn't He.