Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sha la la la la...i miss you

rain in summer is my favourite.

walking alone through town,
fall fast approaching,
thinking of you,
so far away
missing you,
this year the same as last...

walking through the park,
trailing my hand in the river,
running barefoot through rain-soaked grass,
the bottoms of my pant-legs hanging soaked and heavy against my ankles,
fresh-cut grass clinging to my feet,
i got lost on the trails in the park,
i forgot where i was going,
why i was going there,
you weren't there,
so i talked to a deer,
i miss you.

vividly lovely,
i tipped my head back to see
the lavender dusk sky just beyond the forest leaves,
i listened to the cicadas singing their high-pitched song,
lulling my senses to sleep.
i missed you.

then the sky turned blue like jazz
then the stars winked at me through the treetops
then the fire died down to embers
then the night deepened and loneliness clutched my soul
i miss you

The world is Trouble...and Grace.
That's all there is.

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