Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hi Again!

(See title.)

Feeling pathetically uninteresting. It's no wonder I'm not a piblished author, I never write anything!

Well I have a little something to write.

Jeremy and I have been happily married just under 6 months. And we find ourselves 4-1/2 months in expecting our first little Smith. =)

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound to discover what exactly is brewing in here, and also to determine why my midwife says I'm "measuring big". She says there's a possibility of twins going on....eesh!
Hoping there's only one, and praying it's our Christopher, not our Guinevere.
But, as God wills! Maybe it's both!


Anonymous said...

Happy dance! Happy dance! Not twirling this time but mega happy dancing...can you tell Marmie is oober excited?

Just a side note: perhaps the profile needs to be updated.

Coffee and Black Ink said...


Yes I know the profile beeds to be updated, but I appear to need a computer to do that. It won't let me do it on my phone.

Emmy D said...

So, I'm ahead of you. But we know it's just one. :D :D :D

BerlinerinPoet said...

Well, congratulations!