Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Remember the Day

Remember the day that Christ was Born.
From Heaven to Earth He came
Long ago on a blessed morn;
An innocent child to bear our shame.

No sin He knew, no malice fraught
His life from birth to the grave.
Through pain He bore our grief and bought
Us merely from Hell to save.

Remember how angels sang His birth
To shepherds in the field.
His star shone down upon the Earth
And to wise ment light did yield.

His Father's love was very great:
The Son, willing and pure,
Died to save us from an awful fate,
And make Salvation sure.

So remember the day that Christ was born,
And rejoice in Him alone.
For long ago on that blessed morn
The finishing work began.

© Aisha 2007


Steven Kinslow said...

That's great Aisha! Did you write it?

Aisha said...

Thanks. :) Yes, I wrote it about 2 years ago.