Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hey all!

So this crazy lady has been married for a month plus one day.


And I keep trying to write something on this blog. I get these brilliant ideas and I think, "Oh! I need to write about that!" So I get wherever I'm going and open the app on my phone.....aaaand it's gone.

This time. I don't care. I'm writing anways. That's how you maintain inspiration, right? Write even if there's nothing to write about.
Well, there is definitely stuff to write about in my life these days.

For starters, I'm married.


For continuance, I love my husband. ♡

Further. Jeremy is distracting me from writing by flipping about his favourite team and the possibility of watching it tonight at his parents' house on their big screen TV.
He is so cute. He's like a little kid.
He and I also just started our own phone plan, acquiring brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII's with the plan. Apparently Jeremy has never had a brand new phone in his whole life, and never one with data coverage, so he runs his phone dead 3 and 4 times a day playing games and watching games and watching movies and playing with his phone in general. He's crazy with that thing!
Here's hoping I get my dearly beloved back soon! Hehe.

So today we are hanging out with my in-laws.
I love these people. They're funny and sweet and generous and have a very sincere outlook on life. I'm so glad to be a part of this family!

Can't think of anything while sitting here between my husband and his father. So I'll talk to you later!


Aisha Smith

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