Friday, November 30, 2012

Trial. And Grace.

I overheard a conversation today between a young woman and a wise man.

The woman said:

"What does this mean? Every time. Something new. Something hard. Something so discouraging.
Once you've stepped onto a path, does Stability ever meet you? Does Balance ever walk with you?

It doesn't walk with my husband and me.
We cannot sit down and have coffee with Ease. We do not chat lightly with Carelessness.
Instead, Need barges through our door, and we board Uncertainty in the back bedroom. Struggle sits at our table and Insecurity eats our food.

Is it always like this? Or do you come to a point where Want turns away and Treat lounges on the sofa?
No pinched faces, no rigid backs. But rather, hands that are still, feet that aren't sore, and neck rubs aplenty."

The wise man said:

"That would depend on your perspective."

Grace is still surrounding us, even in this difficulty.

Mama once said, "God has brought yoy this far, He isn't going to give up on you now."

He brought us through our wedding, yes, and to our new home, less than perfect though it be. He had given us the strength to work, and the mercy of understanding bosses. He has given me guests who tip well, and generous family and friends. He had planted us firmly in a church which holds onto us and supports us in everything. And He's kind of made it impossible for us to move away from it.

He has given us enough to pay the first month's rent here; why would I think He would suddenly cease His abounding mercy now, just as my husband is going in for surgery and will be unable to work for next month?

I smile a little smile to myself. 'He wouldn't, silly.'

Mama, thank you so much for your insight. You've made me laugh at myself a couple times since that day I was freaking out about getting my wedding dress altered.

God is ALWAYS there.
But not just *there*.
He is supporting. Holding. Relieving. Saving. Helping. Reassuring.

He has brought us this far: He will not let us down now.

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Bethany said...

He is, indeed, always faithful. Faithful even to bring us to greater faith in Him and His faithfulness by giving us trials!

love you! <3