Monday, December 10, 2012

Coffee Shop Series 1: Prince Street Café

Christmas is coming to Prince Street.

So many good memories surrounding this little coffee shop. The first coffee shop I visited when I moved to Pennsylvania.
This is where we say "meet me there."
This is the "hub" of town.
We don't say, "I'm going to Prince Street Cafe." Even though it's ON Prince Street, we say, "I'm going to Prince Street." And everyone knows where you mean.

Always busy. Especially on Friday night. Good luck ever getting a table.

They recently renovated in a big way, making better use of the crunched, downtown Lancaster space they have, and in my opinion, though I wish they had kept the original round sign out front, I like the renovations.

So here I chill with my husband and Jake.

And Boots.
And Red Gloves.
And Coffee.


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Bethany said...

my beloved Prince Street. I'm glad you are making good use of it's awesomeness. <3