Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Night

It's been a very memorable night. Don't think I've ever had so much fun on a crazy busy night at work. So many things that are really so stupid or aggravating that they're funny!

There's Larry, the trigger happy manager. His favourite thing to do is make you feel like you're in trouble, or imply that you're going to be fired. Or he makes you believe you've done something wrong, without actually telling you what you did.
Then at the end of the night, when he's letting you out, he tells you something he appreciates about you. The other night he said to me,
"Well Aisha, as much as you annoy me, you have a very beautiful singing voice. You should be on American Idol or something."

There's Jim, the 10-year waiter, who has lately been having a hard time of it. Last night he came up to me and asked me to check if he had a fever. He said, "I must be sick, I think I'm enjoying myself!"

AJ. A really good server who started out with a bang and did really well. I think he likes the steady, kinda slow days. Busybusy is not his style. Last night he came back to the kitchen 3 different times saying, "I am so over this place." With more grumbling.

By the third time I had to laugh.
I questioned myself. What does it mean to be "over" something? Typically that would mean one has recovered from something, or one has had enough and is done dealing with it. Or one is done caring about it.
I think neither of these options is the case with AJ. I think his statement, is, in fact, a bluff. And I cannot help but laugh. At least that was last night. Today may be a different story.

There's Tri, (pronounced 'tree,') the Chinese manager who is silent until he likes you, at which point he likes to cuss you out and urge you to "get to work" when you're already busting your back.

Alegra, the new girl, who every day has new hair style or colour, and a new amusement.

So many characters and attitudes and methods of dealing with things. Half the time I want to lose my head and scream at someone. The other half I want to laugh it off. Whatever's left over, I want to just sit down. Sometimes I would love to just walk out.
Praise the Lord for his mercy in making me capable of continuing to deal with all of the pain and trial (sore feet and sore back, aching head and aching arms) which comes with this particular job.

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