Wednesday, July 17, 2013

6 Weeks Left, & Tiny Red Crock Pot At It Again

So yesterday marked 34 weeks, for strict counting purposes. But who knows for sure when a baby will ever come? He seems content enough to stay put, which I am glad of. Though he likes to give me the run-around with plenty of Braxton Hicks contractions! Especially in the most inconvenient places and times. Usually informs me that I have to go to the bathroom immediately! It is definitely getting cramped in there for him though!

Today I have been able to accomplish yet more in my journey to a cleaner house. I think I may have discovered my cure for naps right after breakfast! Sleep in forever!!
Both Jeremy and I had the day off today, so we slept in till sometime after 11. His first words on waking and rolling over were, "Bacon and eggs and toast for breakfast?" To which I replied, "I'd have to thaw the bacon." And he returned with, "Just put it in hot water and it will thaw in no time. And while you're waiting you could make a fruit salad."
Hehe, he does make me smile. He's an excellent cook himself, but working a full time job as a cook has effectively turned off any motivation or desire to cook at home for him. At least it saved me the trouble of having to lay in bed for the next half hour trying to decide what to make for breakfast, kind of like how I do when I'm trying to decide what to wear for the day.
So I made bacon and eggs and toast for breakfast. And fruit salad. And the first thing he did upon receiving his was to sandwich the eggs and bacon between his two slices of toast and proceed to eat it with his fingers. =)
Am I the only woman who has a husband who tries to turn his meal into a sandwich if he has an opportunity? Is it something about the dislike of silverware? Or does that mean he can eat it before it gets cold better? I'm really not sure. I'll have to ask him.

So now, while my husband is away helping his parents clean up the property for the new winery, I pretend to further my goal of a clean house before baby arrives. When he left the thermometer in the Mazda read 104º! This would certainly be a nice day to have central air! Buutt, my house is not so blessed to have AC, so I have set up a box fan and it bloweth on me as I work, and somehow my house has managed to stay at a semi decent temperature of about 78º-ish I think.
I had a serious desire for some baked potatoes today, but turning on the oven means risking burning down the house (I am only partially kidding here.) And even if the house doesn't burn down I will melt, because the indoor temperature will instantly rise to at least 90º! So I am testing the capabilites of my fond friend, the Tiny Red Crock Pot. Will she bake potatoes? If so, in how much time? (I still have not lit on the right name for this little red friend of mothers around the world.)
Also, I'm testing my own capabilities! Can I put together a delicious chili without all the ingredients in the particular recipe I'm taking inspiration from? Is it ok to not have tomatoes in it? What about green chilies? I certainly have onions! Which is unusual. My onions normally disappear by the time I decide to make a recipe which actually calls for them. And I found a special looking package of chili spice mix in my pantry from the Tea & Spice Exchange in Portland! I have no idea how long it has been in my pantry, but upon tasting my concoction after I had added all the ingredients I had for it, plus this mysterious spice mix, it seems to be doing alright! I hope Jeremy likes it!
Well I must be going! My husband is coming home! And there is still more work I could be doing!
Go, Tiny Red Crock Pot! Go!

I seriously need a name for it!

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