Monday, July 15, 2013

7-1/2 Months Pregnant, & Nesting.

Well for the past several days, since I got back from my 3-day vacation in the beginning of July in fact, I have been gradually trying to pull my house together. It takes a lot more work than I really had estimated, and even with a carefully written out "schedule", allowing for plenty of rest time, I find myself napping far more frequently than I had expected. My body basically says, "ok nap time!" as soon as breakfast is over! In an effort to accomplish something before I end up sleeping the day away, I at least clean up my breakfast mess, or fill the dish drainer with clean dishes, depending on which is more pressing in my eyes.
Yesterday I managed to do some dishes and clean my tiny downstairs bathroom before my body said "rest!" This morning I started cleaning before I made breakfast,  and had to laugh at myself. (Tip: don't clean up the existing splattered bacon grease on your stove and counters before cooking more bacon!) Maybe I just like the watching the progression of my clean white stove top turning kind of amber coloured while my bacon splatters happily on the griddle. =P
I had a delicious iced coffee with my bacon, eggs and toast this morning, and had to resist the urge to make a second glass immediately afterwards. After all, Christopher doesn't need too much stimulation just yet; Braxton Hicks are already uncomfortable enough!
I did take the liberty of making a second glass later in the afternoon after Jeremy got home and wanted one too.
Just fyi, if you can avoid eating a whole or even half a package of bacon all by yourself (very difficult for me!) refridgerating the remaining bacon means you can have a delicious BLT for lunch, or if you manage to sleep through lunch and you wake up craving fruit and yogurt (made by the local farmer you get your raw milk from) your husband can have a painlessly easy dinner when he gets home from work! And if there's still a little left, bacon keeps nicely for a day or two so you can take lunch to work and not BUY OUT!

So my goals for the next month and a half are to clean my house very thoroughly, (which means sorting through a LOT of stuff that is just piled in my bedroom), and making a LOT of food and filling my freezer so that Jeremy and Mama (particularly Jeremy) don't have as much of an issue making sure they get fed while I'm out of commission with a brand new baby.
While I haven't been able to make a ton of extra when I make dinners these days, I have been able to ensure my husband has had some nice dinners waiting for him when he gets off work, thanks to my tiny red crock pot, my heat-wave of an oven, and some excellent recipes from some seriously good Real Food blogs and websites I've recently come across like Food Renegade, Butter Believer, and The Mommypotamus, to name a few of my favourites. Pinterest is also an excellent source for must-try recipes.

On a side note: Christopher has discovered my ribs now! Oomph! And he has decided it's getting cramped in there, and tries to stretch his full length out sideways! I have an odd feeling he might be a big baby! He's certainly strong! Haha! Can't wait to meet him!
Mama arrives in 17 days! My baby shower is in 20 days, and my baby should be arriving in about 43-ish days!
Can't wait until I have something to put in my nursery!

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