Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 451, And I'm Almost Done!

Hello Friends!

Well I didn't take any pictures today, but I did get a lot accomplished on that dress. Well, I got the apron done, and I'll put up pictures of the finished products tomorrow. I must say I'm proud of that apron, since I made it totally without a pattern. Oh and THANK YOU ELISABETH for giving me the idea to use bias tape instead of making a real hem! So much quicker and more convenient!

My client came over today, after I'd put together the "experiment" bodice, and I tried it on her and GUESS WHAT!?
Praise the Lord!!!
I was so worried that I'd done something wrong!
But all that painstaking shrinking paid off. I have now put together the pieces of the actual bodice, minus the sleeves, and the rest will come together easily tomorrow after work.
I must say this has so far been the easiest project I've ever done. What Grace that I'm so very familiar with the pattern!
Right now I must go to bed! My eyes and fingertips are sore from delicate trace-work, and vicious pins. (But I haven't broken a single sewing machine needle yet!)
Work at 6:30am calls me to my bed right now before another minute is lost!
I am so exhausted!
:P How? I have done nothing but sit in front of a sewing machine, and trace things.
Well, such is life. It seems to be inevitable. I think deadlines cause stress, and that, in turn, causes tiredness.
Goodnight my beautiful friends!

By the way, I did not end up going with Jeremy to look at churches, though he did go hang out with Hannah, and started teaching her how to drive. Eesh. Stay off the road everybody!! ;P So kidding.
Ok I'm tired.


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Elisabeth said...

My love to you darling! :-) I am SO happy to hear things are going well with the project! And...I am SO proud of you making that apron without a pattern! GO you! :-D
Can't wait to see the final dress and apron!