Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 479, Photographers

Hello All!
So, not much has been happening, but I have been in contact with a couple of different photographers, and I have set up a meeting and glance-around through one studio, which is actually here in town, (very convenient). That will be Thursday. Buuuuttttt, when he sent me his price sheet I was kind of...flabbergasted. I guess I'm not used to hiring photographers.... Tell me - those of you who have hired wedding photographers - is $2,450 good, average, or expensive for up to 7 hours of main and second photographers? And what does $150 credit towards proof book, enlargements, custom prints, albums or digital negatives mean? Or...am I just being dense? Or will I find that all out when I meet with him?
I'll be glad to have Jeremy along with me. He's good at asking questions. He's quicker on his feet than I am. When we went to the Marriott to ask questions about having the reception there he told me to let him do the talking, so I did, and he was able to think up thoughts and questions I would never have thought to think or ask.
Other parts of my day have included reading over and sort-of editing some poetry for a very dear friend, forgetting to eat because I haven't felt hungry, so here I sit, feeling light-headed without even moving. I think this is an issue I need to resolve. (blah)
There was something else I did that I wanted to write about, but I think my lack of nourishment has made me forget that too. Oh dear. I think I'm going to eat something. And if I think of it, I'll...make another post.
Soooo anyways. I hope it comes to me!
(You know, whenever I spell "bye" like that, it makes me want to pronounce all those "e's" at the end of the word. Does anyone else ever have that problem?)


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Bethany said...

Photographers can be interesting....

Hope it goes well.