Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 481, Church, Wedding Music, and Polo.

As to wedding preparations, I did nothing spectacular today.
At church Gregg spoke about raising kids, about showing them who our God is, rather than telling them. One point he made is you can't really be surprised that your kids don't turn out the way you want them to if you don't actually take the time to sit down and read scripture to them. He mentioned the fairly traditional method of sitting around the dinner table with the Bible open, bringing it to them. I can vouch for that, my father very seldom took that time with us kids. I hope I can learn from his mistakes and still manage to make him proud, of me, and of my children.
I really like how Gregg brings things forward, blunt and honest, he doesn't sugar-coat things or make them sound more fairytale-ish than they are. He doesn't teach that we, as Christians, are supposed to "be happy" all the time, it's just not possible. But, as Christians, we are blessed to find Joy, even through our trials.
And I read this cool post someone put on Facebook, which seconds what Gregg said. :) Don't Carpe Diem

While I was a church, however, I talked to our organist about arranging a wedding ensemble. I have decided I don't want the traditional wedding march for my wedding, I want Pachelbel's Canon in D as the Bridal Entrance, instead of the traditional Wedding March. We have 6 violin players and 2 cello players, we have a piano player, and we have various brass players. I could practically have a mini orchestra! Which, by the way, would delight my very soul. :)

 This is a beautiful, traditional version, which I think I would love to incorporate. I wish we had a traditional harpsichord to add that extra body. (maybe the electric piano settings can be changed to accommodate...)

I love the brightness from the Irish Whistle.

Oi! Wedding music!

And...I have enclosed a few pictures of my cat, Polo. He's 4 months, almost 5 months old, a bit of a self-made kind of kitty, but with spoiling and attention he's turning into quite the lush.
I believe he is going to be a literary cat when he grows up. He may even start his own blog. (Hadley, if you're reading this, you should enjoy his blog. In fact I'll see if I can't convince him).

Polo and his all black brother Moose cuddling. :)

Polo being his adorable, luscious self.

Anyways. This was today. :)
Elisabeth, if you're reading this, I missed you at church!!!


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Elisabeth said...

I came down with the flu and have not moved since Saturday morning! I am SO sad I missed such a wonderful sermon!!!! :-(
I am loving the Irish Canon in D! The Canon in D is a wonderful choice Dear - and the mini orchestra is not such a bad idea... :) You stole my idea! ;)
LOVE you!