Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I ate a chocolate protein shake, and the protons, and neutrons, and electrons, and amino acids all fell into place in my brain causing those little thoughts to jump from their origins to their receptors...or however that biological, neurological, psychological phenomenon works...and made a complete and finished thought.
So in case you all didn't know, I had 2 jobs. One, my primary, is at a Bed & Breakfast a little out of town. The other was at a shoe store at the local mall. That one was a lot of fun, and I got a lot of experience being a sales associate. Highly enjoyable. However, that was a seasonal position, and I was let go this past Thursday. I can't say I'm sorry though, because we were just getting a new manager as I was leaving, and she didn't like me, and I didn't like her, so it would have been problematic working with her.
The "Inn" as we all affectionately call the B&B, (technically it is an inn, but it's got the personal, upscale, classic service of a B&B) has been closed for all of January, so my double paycheck has been reduced to one for awhile, and I have been most glum about that. And I miss all the marvelous people I get to meet and work with at the Inn. Buuuuttt, my manager there (whom I get along with marvelously) sent me a text yesterday, letting me know that I am working again on Saturday. YAY! (that was my news: that I'm working again).
Oi! But I have to get up eeeaaarrrrrlyyyyy in the morning. Say like 5:45am, so that I can be there by 6:30. I really don't like getting up early. And lately, with no work, I've been sleeping in till noon. SO! I need to go to bed.
-me the 2nd

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